"The Dongs We Bury" EP

by Youth of Togay

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We had such a blast recording the first 7", that within a year or so, we were back in the studio working on the next one.

By the time we booked the studio, I had moved out to Los Angeles. A couple of weeks before I flew out, we emailed back and forth some ideas of what songs we wanted to parody. A few unused ideas were songs by A Chemical Romance and Fallout Boy. But ultimatly we decided to stick to our roots and mix in a couple of classic tracks, like our Bad Brains parody, with some killer hometown Boston HxC jams.

Have Heart's "The Things We Carry" had just come out on Bridge 9 and we all agreed that it was one of the best all around Boston Hardcore records put out in years. And at that time, that was really saying something. Other bands like Mental, Righteous Jams, Slapshot were all ripe for parody. As we found out later, some people didn't find our "tributes" as funny as we did.

All in all we recorded a dozen songs in three days with only one day of practice. Listening to these songs, I am absolutely blown away by how amazing they sound and how seemingly put together they are. I think we worked well in a whirling frenzy of creativity, where if it got a laugh, it went in and if it didn't... it got cut.

This session also produced some growth within all of the band members, even just a couple of years on from our first session, our abilities had changed, our tastes had changed and it is reflected in our original tracks.

The songs recorded in this session were used in the "Dongs We Bury" EP, the "Tossed Salad Days" LP and the officially unreleased "Tranny Island" EP.

- Pat Togay


released January 1, 2008

Pat Togay - Vocals/Drums
Nic Togay - Vocals/Bass
Evan Togay - Guitar
Rick "I Make Out With Dudes When I'm Drunk" Togay - Drums

YOTG D00d Krew:
"Billy Boy" Togay
"Big Dick" Togay
Little Dick aka "Dave"
Steve "Hairy Madonna" Togay

Recorded at GayAssy Park Studios

* "The Gaychinist" is a parody of the original song "The Machinist" by Have Heart



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Youth of Togay Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: "Never Going Back"
Never Going Back

And then that night it changed my life,
from that point on doing dudes felt right
Later on that day left her all alone,
Went to the Manhole and got me a bone

He showed me the ropes,
He used petroleum jelly
Dick was so big
I felt it deep in my belly
I felt so at home I never wanted any less
Never again would I suckle a breast.

Never Going Back!

Now I’m banging dudes!
Ladies just won’t do!
Spacklin’ ya’ with goo!

Now I go from door-to-door
Sucking more dicks than Mandy Moore
I’ve seen huge wieners, lots of ant eaters!

My dad asked ‘son why are you so gay?’
I’ve been really worried since you started banging Ray.
My reply to him was more of a shout,
I wasn’t myself until I came out!

Now I’m banging dudes!
Ladies just won’t do!
Spacklin’ ya’ with goo!
Now I’m banging dudes!
Now I’m banging dudes!
Now I’m banging dudes!

Ten dudes and I never looked back!
Fifteen dudes and I never looked back!
One Hundred Dudes and I never looked back!
Infinity dudes and I never looked back!

Lap it up! Lap it up!
Wipe it up! Wipe it up!
Pump it up! Pump it up!

Track Name: "The Gaychinist"
The Gaychinist

I see the way you treat your slaves,
The whipping with whips and chains
And you see the growth that I keep caged
See my pants all buldged and full of rage

I see an ass I want to grope
Buttcheeks I want to stroke
I’ll be standing, then fall to my knees when you tighten that clamp on my…

Meat Machine!

My Penis!
I am. I am.
My Penis!
I am a Meat Machine!
My Penis!
I am. I am.
My Penis!
I am a Homo-Being!
My Penis!
I am. I am.
My Penis!
I am a Meat Machine!
My Penis!
I am. I am.
My Penis!
I am a Homo-Being!

Eating fuck!

Stretch my butt give your fingers a lick
A lover of ass between my legs
I’ll masturbate and procrastinate
And blowing my long wad on your face

I’ll always please you, and never leave you,
I’m like a dog without your bone

Love! That! Cock! And Balls!
Look in my eyes!

Want more? Want More?

We need more lube, We’ve got to go to the store!
The Store!
My ass is raw and I really need to pee!

You want my man paint?
Well you fucking got it!
I could run my hog in your bog!
My crown in your brown
I could be the one whose hung to fuck your skull,
But I’d rather put my meat into your seat!
Let our voices be heard for miles! Our Voices!

No silence! No gay-pliance! When I’m fucking you!
No silence! No gay-pliance! When I’m fucking you!
No silence! No gay-pliance! When I’m fucking you!
Track Name: "Tough Gays"
Tough Gays

Here comes trouble with the YOTG,
I’ve got my hands on my dork, took some vitamin C
We’re coming tough, coming out
Flipping doubly gay,
Humping you balling me
‘Wait, what rhythms with gay?’

We like hairy dudes, tough dudes, guys who walk heads,
We keep our under panties clean and we always make our beds,
There is 100 of us,
And 20 of you,
Let me suckle your butt
I’ll put my dong in your shoe!

We’re up in your face!
Tough Gays, we’ll put you in your place!
This bag! No Drinking No booze!
Fresca! Evian and my two steppin’ shoes!

Keep taking smack on me!
Just because we’re gay!
Keep typing behind that computer,
Here we come with our nuts in your pooper!

We’re up in your face!
Tough Gays! We’ll add you on Myspace!
We’re tough, as you can see!
Singing on Steps!
Skyline behind me!

Don’t friggin’ step to us! You’ll get a punch!
We’re the toughest Fruits you’ll meet,
Beat you down put my thumb in your seat!