"Want More Guys" EP

by Youth of Togay

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The "Want More Guys" 7" EP was the first record we ever recorded. Ahhh we were so young. Full of piss .... and more piss, and Cheetos.

We went into the studio, the three of us and banged out this seven song 7" in two days. It is the most raw and unpolished of all of our material. I love it.

When we submitted the masters to our pressing plant, we received our five test presses. These would be the only copies of this record ever released. By the time we had settled our troubles with the pressing plant, we were planning our next record and these tracks took a backseat.

The "Want More Guys" 7" will never be pressed onto vinyl again. That is a guarantee. So buying them here is the only place you will ever find them. Listen in good health. - Pat Togay


released January 1, 2006

Pat Togay - Vocals/Drums
Nic Togay - Vocals/Bass
Evan Togay - Guitar

Recorded at: Gay Assy Studios, Allston,MA

* "Gay Edge Revenge" is a parody version of "Straight Edge Revenge" originally written by Project X
** "...and You Know Dicks" is a parody version of "...and you know this" originally written by Mental
*** "Get Gay" is a parody version of "Get Real" originally written by Get Real
**** "Make The Change" is a parody version of "Make a Change" originally written by Youth of Today
***** "(Gay Pride is) Forever" is a parody of "Forever" originally written by Ten Yard Fight



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Youth of Togay Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: "Adam and Steve"
My Whole life I’ve always heard it from left to right,
That the road for me was really fishy and tight
But my true love and calling, smells a little like poo
And the fucking pussy thing wasn’t close to being true

Plus all of the lies about Adam and Eve
Stopped making sense when I started banging Steve

Suck a dick
Make you gay
Fuck my ass don’t have to pay
Anyway you’re not my type
Wait a minute..too damned hype!

Suck our dicks!
Fuck our stick!
Bang our tush
Down with bush

Suck our dicks
Bang our pricks!
Bang our tush
Down with Bush!

No cunts!
No Cunts!
No Cunts!
Track Name: "Gayedge Revenge 2007"
Gay Edge Revenge 2007

I’m as gay as a dude on a three dollar bill
I’m as yummy as the jizz that you swill down my throat
I’m as hard as a cock that you put in my ass
And I’ll fuck your ass as fast….well, fast


This time you’ve made me so hard!

Well we’re here and we’re queer and we wont go away,
We suck balls we fuck ass, because we’re fucking gay
If you think we’re…….
Than my friend your fucking wrong,
We’re just like you except…
We love dong!


Track Name: "....and You Know Dicks"
…and You Know Dicks.

Real cocks are hard to find
A dick that will be there when I’m loosing my mind!
Buttcheeks and the fur they wear,
Shaven or bald I just don’t fucking care

I don’t know why I shave my nuts
How can you be gay? You don’t even bang butts!
I don’t think you know, the meaning of queer,
When I lay down you don’t want to pump my rear!

Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean you’ve got to hate!
I need someone to keep me from going straight
Sometimes I just need a hot dude I can talk to,
Someone who will do me when I say I want man goo!

I want to go straight cause yo, life can be bogus
Listen to me cause yo I fucking know dicks
How I talk about it, you know the deal,
You make me wicked hard when you bob and kneel.

Lay on my back and you lick my choad,
I’ll turn your little ass into butt-a-la-mode
Why’s your dick so hard? You said you weren’t gay
Well my friend I guess today is your day.
Track Name: "Get Gay!"
Get Gay!

I look around and want every dick I see!
I want dudes, don’t want to fuck no pussy
Everything in life is so rude, so many hot bangable dudes
I got lots of fruity things to say
So wake up and GET FUCKING GAY!

Track Name: "Make The Change"
Make the Change

I pee on the streeeeeet!
You walk right by!!!
I want your aaasss to be allll fucking miiiiieyieeeeine!

It’s time you join the other team, It’s time you made a change!
It’s time to be gay edge!
Don’t fuck those girls any longer…time to make a change!

You taste my cum, you’re totally gay,
We’re not too proud, we’re Youth of Togaayyyyeeeayyeeay!

It’s time you join the other team, It’s time you made a change!
It’s time to be gay edge!
Don’t fuck those girls any longer…time to make a change!

Make you gay!
Track Name: "Pig Pile"
Pig Pile

Pig Pile on sweaty dudes, dance and grind you’re hard!
I don’t want to see any chicks,
Men on men we love it!
It happens at every show, straight guys don’t even know…
Or do they?